Oyster Travel Card

If you want/need to travel in and around London (UK), you are better off buying a P.A.Y.G TFL Oyster Card Web PageOyster Card as a car is NOT needed in London (UK).

TFL Oyster Card

The Oyster Card is a Top-Up (Pay As You Go) ticket payment card that allows you to travel on TFL Tube Web PageThe Tube (London Underground Train), TFL Buses Web PageBus, TFL Trams Web PageTram, TFL Rail Web PageRail (Train) and so on.

Transport App

One of the best ways to check transport times, routes and so on is to use a London Transpport App.

MXData Transport AppsMXData Transport Apps

The MX Data (London Transpport) Apps are all you will need for Tube ( Tube Transport AppAndroid, Tube Transport AppiTunes and Tube Transport AppWindows) and Bus (Bus Transport AppAndroid and Bus Transport AppiTunes.

Parcel/Box Delivery

WebsiteHungaro Minibus Ltd - E-mail ThemE-mail - Hungarian Tel: +36 70 429 3673 - UK Tel: +44 (0)208 3498123 - UK Mobile: +44 (0)7540 634755 - is the company Tünde uses for box delivery to/from the UK and Hungary. 0-25Kg is £30.

How To Travel From London (UK) Airport To Central London

From Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted Or Luton Airport

Below you will find detailed travel information about the various transport methods you can use when travelling from a London (UK) Airport into Central London (UK). Here you should be thinking about your flight and more importantly which airline to use in terms of expense and route.

When you first arrive in the UK, and more precisely into one of the London (UK) airports, you have the choice of travelling by Tube (London Underground) Train, Coach/Bus, Taxi or Car; depending on the London (UK) airport you have landed at.


If you land at London-Luton Airport WebsiteLondon-Luton Airport, because you came from Budapest (Hungary) via WizzAir WebsiteWizzAir for example, and want to use a public transport train to take you into Central London, you first need to buy a £2.10 ticket for the five-minute Shuttle Bus ride that takes you from the airport terminal to London-Luton Parkway train station. You can pay for that ticket when you board the shuttle bus.

Once you are at London Parkway train station, go down the escalator/stairs leading to the ticket booth/kiosk and purchase your ticket(s). Rail ticket prices vary, depending on which train operator you use, but a Single, Adult, Open-Ticket currently costs Thameslink Railway Website £14.20 - with Thameslink Railway. That train stops at London's St. Pancras International Station and Farringdon Station. Both very common stations to get off for Central London.

TIP: You can buy a £15.70 ticket directly from Luton Airport (using a ticket machine) that covers the five-minute shuttle bus trip to Luton Parkway train station plus the £14.20 ticket into Central London (i.e. into Farringdon tube (London Underground) station), saving you 60p.

TIP: If you are travelling from Central London, ask for a ticket to Luton Airport and NOT to Luton Parkway; that way you will also save 60p because you will not have to pay the £14.20 + £2.10.

TIP: You can buy a return Shuttle Bus ticket for £3.40, valid for 30 days, to save an extra £1.30.

Luton Train Ticket

A train ticket from Luton Parkway to Farringdon railway station


If you land at Stansted Airport WebsiteStansted Airport, because you came from Budapest (Hungary) via RyanAir WebsiteRyanAir for example, and want to use a public transport train to take you into Central London, you first need to buy a train ticket for the Stansted Express WebsiteStansted Express. It is a train that runs from Stansted Airport to London's Liverpool Street Rail Station (Central London).

A standard Single, Adult, Open-Ticket is Standard Express Fares Web Page£16.60 (purchased on the day), however, you can get that down to £7 if you Standard Express Special Offers Web PageBook In Advance.

NOTE WELL: The Stansted Express train does NOT use a particular platform, so it is up to you to check which platform it will use on your particular day of travel.


If you land at Heathrow Airport WebsiteHeathrow Airport, because you came from Budapest (Hungary) via British Airways WebsiteBritish Airways for example, and want to use a public transport train to take you into Central London, you first need to buy a Tube (London Underground) train ticket for the Piccadilly Line (Dark Blue Line) train that travels from your Heathrow Terminal into Central London. A Single, Adult, ticket costs Single Fare Finder Web Page£6 Cash (Travel Anytime), £5.10 Oyster Card (Peak Times - Monday to Friday from 0630 to 0930 and from 1600 to 1900) or £3.10 Oyster Card (Off Peak - At all other times including public holidays).

Alternatively, you can take the National Rail train called Heathrow Express WebsiteHeathrow Express from Heathrow Terminals 2 & 3 to Paddington Rail Station (Central London), which takes around 15 Minutes only; compared to 45-60 Minutes on the Tube train. If you are coming from Heathrow Terminal 4 or 5 for example, it means you must travel to Heathrow Terminals 2 & 3 first; to board the Heathrow Express train.

A Standard Single, Adult, ticket costs Heathrow Express Fares Web Page£27, which can only be purchased on the train whereas an Express Saver Single, Adult, ticket costs £22 (off-peak), which can only be purchased online, from ticket machines or from ticket offices, but not on-board the train.

In general, Heathrow Terminal 5 is used for International arrivals and Heathrow Terminal 3 is used for European arrivals. If you want to know which Heathrow Airport Terminal each airline uses for a specific city, use the Heathrow Airport Terminal Checker Web PageTerminal Checker.


Gatwick Airport, just like Heathrow Airport and Stansted Airport, has a dedicated train coming from it called the Gatwick Express WebsiteGatwick Express. It travels from Gatwick Airport to London's Victoria Railway Station (Central London) in approximately 30 Minutes. A Single, Adult, Anytime ticket currently costs Gatwick Express Fares Web Page£17.80, with trains departing approximately every 15 Minutes.

The airline called EasyJet WebsiteEasy Jet takes off from Budapest Airport (Hungary) for example and lands at either Gatwick Airport or London-Luton Airport, but their airfares tend to be a little expensive. They do have great offers sometimes (i.e. £70) but you need to watch out for them, otherwise you are looking at an average priced single, adult, ticket of £100+ per passenger.


If you want cheaper, you might want to try the train price comparison website called The Trainline WebsiteThe Train Line. And do not forget that if you book in advance many train operators will normally offer great discounts.

National Express COACH

Besides travelling by train, travelling from an airport by National Express Coach WebsiteNational Express Coach these days is still far cheaper than using the above mentioned rail options. To travel from Heathrow Airport (Terminal 3) to London Victoria Coach Station (Central London) using National Express is currently £6 plus £1 Booking Fee and usually takes around 45 Minutes to arrive at London Victoria Coach Station.

Do not be put off by the risk of Traffic Jams, Motorway Accidents and other delays because they rarely happen on average. Just as flights can be cancelled or suffer from long delays, these situations rarely happen.


There are many taxi firms and taxi service companies in London, such as Online Airport Cars WebsiteOnline Airport Cars whereby a taxi fare from Central London to Heathrow Terminal 3 for example can cost from £38 upwards (for a Salon car carrying up to 4 passengers); depending on what type of car or van you want, how many passengers there are, how much luggage they have and so on.