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How To Settle Down In England (UK) In 2018

Government - Work - Rent - Utility Bills - Transport - Food - Lifestyle

Welcome to Living In England (UK). If you have just moved to England (UK), or are thinking of moving to England (UK), perhaps for a couple of years whereby you want to know How 'The System' Works In England (UK), maybe for family and/or work reasons, on this website you will find information relating to the following:

This website was created by me, John Cairns, through lack of important information on the Internet (within one website) with regards to what the above processes actually involve. For a "Foreigner" many of those processes can seem impossible to achieve, especially if they have limited English and/or nobody to help them. The Internet is great, but sometimes it is totally useless.


Although this website can be used by a "Foreign" single person or couple, for example, it is actually based around the procedures and experiences of a "Foreign" single person with family members and friends moving to England to settle down. More precisely, it is based around the experiences of my Hungarian girlfriend Tünde and her family and friends who now live in England and speak fluent English.

With me being English - born in Nottingham. Grew up there and left when I was almost 18 years old to move to London (living here for the past 30 Years) - and them being "Foreign", you will be gaining valuable knowledge and experience from the exact procedures Tünde, her family members and friends had to follow; together with insights of their pros and cons and up-to-date information. Real costs, real applications and real experiences from the perspectives of an English man and his Hungarian friends.


I have used London (UK) for the main examples on this website, and will use other major cities/towns as examples when need be, not just because London (UK) is the capital city, but also because many "Foreigners" try life in London (UK) first.

Do NOT think this website is all about London though, because it is NOT - Most of the actual procedures (such as renting a flat, exchanging a driving licence and putting utility bills in your own name) are nationwide; with many procedures being done online and/or via telephone these days.


As you read through this website I will be giving you REAL LIFE examples, up-to-date website links to official government web pages and document downloads, and factual advice based on Tünde's, her family members and "Foreign Friends" experiences. Between them, and with my help, they have been through the registration processes mentioned within this website.

As an English person born and bred in Nottingham (UK), and as a Hungarian person born and bred in Szeged (Hungary), Tünde and I have valuable knowledge and know-how between us of living in the UK (and Hungary!) and more precisely about 'How each system works'.

Moving Expenses / LIVING EXPENSES

With the same token I will be showing you the cost of living in England (UK) in some major English cities with regards to their Transport, Travel/Tour, Food & Drink, and Leisure Activities. I will also be showing you what is involved when moving between two English cities in terms of house removal and settling down in the other city.

Touring London AND ENGLAND

When you have exhausted the information about moving to and settling down in England (UK), and the cost of living, I will then show you what there is to see and do in and around England (UK) from both a tourist's point of view and a resident's point of view.

Hopefully you will gain enough valuable knowledge from this website to make a decision on whether or not England (UK) is the right place for you, your family and/or your friends.

Disclaimer - The main information on this website comes directly from government websites such as NHS.UK, TFL.GOV.UK and HMRC.GOV.UK, as well as from my own knowledge and experience. As it is impossible for me to cover every detail/topic mentioned on the government websites, in relation to the content on this website, I suggest you visit those websites and the linked web pages throughout this website for more information about a particular detail/topic.

The information I have supplied on this website is a guidance to "Foreign" people coming to 'Settle Down In England (UK)' for the first time whereby they know nothing of 'how the system works in England (UK)'.