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The Nottingham Tourist Centre WebsiteTourist Centre, located in the city centre of Nottingham, should be your first stop for information on what to do in and around Nottingham.

Nottingham Tourism

Download the Nottingham City Centre MapCity Centre Map with tourist sight locations.


Nottingham Transport WebsiteNottingham Transport have an Nottingham Transport Android AppAndroid and Nottingham Transport iOS AppiOS travel app.

Nottingham Transport

It has bus times, a journey planner, a bus routes map, Apple Pay and much more.

Nottingham Castle

Nottingham Castle Web PageNottingham Castle, Robin Hood and Nottingham Lace are what tourists come to visit in Nottingham.

Nottingham Castle

Nottingham is also famous for many other things.

Information About Nottingham City, England (UK)

The Place - The People - The Food - The Lifestyle

If you are looking to settle down in Nottingham City (England, UK), below you will find a short overview of what Nottingham is well-known for and the mentality of its people; as well as what to do in Nottingham City.

Although the major towns and cities in England are more or less the same, comprising of old and modern buildings and the same commercial shops, at the same time they each have their own identity (their own history, regional dialects, accents and cultural ways).


Nottingham Wiki Web PageNottingham City is mainly a university, sports and tourist city based in the middle of England, in a country area known as 'The Midlands'; more precisely, it is located in East Midlands.

You might have heard of Nottingham - Robin Hood Wiki Web PageRobin Hood used to live there! He never played cricket at the Trent Bridge Cricket Cub WebsiteTrent Bridge Cricket Cub though. Nor did he play football with Nottingham Forest WebsiteNottingham Forest or NottS County WebsiteNotts County. If he would have, he might of stolen the ball from the rich players and given it to the poor people; if they were not too busy reading D H Lawrence Wiki Web PageD H Lawrence novels (The Rainbow, Women In love and Lady Chatterley's Lover) or practising to be ice-skaters like Torvill & Dean WebsiteTorvill & Dean while seeking salvation in William Booth's Salvation Army WebsiteSalvation Army.


Apart from being known for Robin Hood, Nottingham's location has made it an ideal place over the last century for many companies to set up their headquarters there. Most notably: Boots The Chemist WebsiteBoots (Boots the Chemist, who currently employ 55,000 people in the UK and 1,900 in Ireland), Imperial Tobacco WebsiteImperial Tobacco (formerly: John Player), Raleigh Bicycles WebsiteRaleigh Bicycles and Experian WebsiteExperian (the Credit Check company used by the Banks and so on).

Although many of the big companies, such as Imperial Tobacco and Raleigh, have since closed down their factories in Nottingham and subsequently been sold and taken elsewhere, Nottingham is still the headquarters for many big companies; and should always be, purely because of its central location in England (UK). Here is an article about the Business Article Web PageTop 200 Companies in Nottinghamshire. Nottinghamshire is the county (Nottingham City and its outer regions).

Nottingham - THE PEOPLE

You will find the people of Nottingham very down to earth and friendly. People who will not hesitate to help you out in everyday life. If they see you struggling with a house removal (i.e. carrying a heavy fridge up 3 floors), they will not even ask you if you need help; they will just grab an item for you and carry it up the stairs, expecting no money or favour for doing so. Why? Because if they see you need help, they just help; because they are community based and know if they or someone else need help in future, you would not hesitate to just help either.

The people of Nottingham have a very good sense of humour due to them not taking life too seriously. They are very easy going people to the point not many things offend them. They love to drink and party, but at the same time know how to be respectful and polite to others; especially to their elders.


Nottingham is a Traditional Pub city in the weekdays and a Notts Night Clubs WebsiteNight Clubbing city at the weekends. It is well-known for its university - Nottingham Trent University WebsiteNottingham Trent University (formerly Trent Ploytecnic) - that is the 16th largest university in the UK (out of 165) with more than 28,000 students split over three campuses. With close ties to over 6,000 businesses and a success rate of 94% of students progressing to full-time employment or further education within six months of them graduating, the university gives Nottingham its youth culture.


You can get to Nottingham using East Midlands Trains WebsiteEast Midlands Trains. If you book in advance (i.e. at least two weeks in advance), you can get a single, adult, advance ticket for £14.50. A standard ticket (single, adult) normally starts at £24, depending on the date/time you want to travel (i.e. next day at 11am). Both tickets are for a direct train journey that usually takes between 1 Hour 40 Minutes and 1 Hour 50 Minutes.

An advanced return ticket for an adult usually starts from £35 (£14.50 there and £20.50 back). For some weird reason, these days they like to split the ticket prices up so that the outbound journey is cheap whereby the return journey makes up the overall (full) price of a standard return ticket! However, if you use your head and book two single tickets at £14.50 each.....!

You can also get to Nottingham using National Express WebsiteNational Express Coach. At the moment they have a Funfare ticket that costs £5 only, plus £1 booking fee, for a journey that takes 2 Hours 40 Minutes. Although you need to travel to a designated coach stop/station (such as London Victoria Coach Station) that may mean paying an additional bus fare of £1.50, travelling by coach is still much cheaper than the train.

If you travel by Car, straight down the M1 Motorway, it will take you between 1 Hour 50 Minutes and 2 Hours to reach Nottingham from London; depending which motorway junction you turn off, the traffic and so on.