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Recorded Cycling Times When Travelling In London (UK)

Cycling Times - Travelling Between London Towns - Central London

Below you will find actual cycling times between London (UK) towns, taking certain towns as starting points (i.e. Stratford and Elephant & Castle), which you may find useful if you are planning to work within Central London but live in East-London for example; using either your own bicycle or a rented bicycle (such as a Santander Bicycle Hire WebsiteSantander or OBike Bicycle Hire WebsiteOBike rented bicycle).

The different coloured rows (light and dark orange) show routes to different towns from a certain starting point. With some routes you may have to add 1 or 2 minutes onto them because my recorded time might of been for a downhill route, such as Stamford Hill down to Seven Sisters (3 Minutes). It took me 5 Minutes to go uphill (Seven Sisters up to Stamford Hill). Wind and Traffic Lights are also factors.

Starting Point - STRATFORD

Point A To B Journey Time Via Station/Place Nearby Station/Place
Stratford > Bow 10 Mins
Stratford > Mile End 12 Mins Bow Victoria Park
Stratford - Whitechapel 20 Minutes Bow - Mile End Bethnal Green - Whitechapel Mkt
Stratford - Aldgate East 22 Minutes Bow - Mile End - Whitechapel Whitechapel Mkt / Liverpool St.
Stratford - Tower Bridge 29 Minutes As Above + Aldgate East
Stratford - Westminster Bridge 41 Minutes As Above + Tower Bridge
Stratford - Camberwell Green 50 Minutes Up To Tower Bridge, Onto Camberwell.
Stratford - Shoreditch 32 Minutes
Stratford - Leyton 10 Minutes
Stratford - Leytonstone 15 Minutes
Stratford - Walthamstow 26 Minutes Leyton

East and South-East London are areas of London where many local people and EU workers live, who usually work in Central London or go through it to reach their North/NW/NE London based workplace. Stratford is where the 2012 London Olmpics were held. The area has since been transformed into posher housing whereby local people and EU workers have since moved into the surrounding areas of Ilford, Romford, East Ham, West Ham, Leyton and Leytonstone for example.


Point A To B Journey Time Via Station/Place Nearby Station/Place
Camberwell Green - Peckham 7 Minutes
Camberwell Green - Brixton 10 Minutes
Brixton - Oval 10 Minutes Oval Cricket Ground
Oval - Camberwell 7 Minutes Oval Cricket Ground
Camberwell Green - Elephant & Castle 11 Minutes

Camberwell Green leads to Peckham, Oval (onto Victoria and Westminster), Brixton (onto Streatham, Thorton Heath and Croydon).

Starting Point - ALDGATE EAST

Point A To B Journey Time Via Station/Place Nearby Station/Place
Aldgate East - Bank 5 Minutes
Aldgate East - St Paul's 8 Minutes Bank St. Paul's Cathedral
Aldgate East - Holborn 16 Minutes Bank - St. Paul's St. Paul's Cathedral
Aldgate East - Tottenham Court Road 20 Minutes Bank - St. Paul's - Holborn Oxford Street - Shaftesbury Ave
Aldgate East - Oxford Street 25 Minutes
Aldgate East - Marble Arch 31 Minutes
Aldgate East - Lancaster Gate 35 Minutes
Aldgate East - Bayswater 38 Minutes
Aldgate East - Notting Hill 41 Minutes
Aldgate East - Liverpool Street 3 Minutes
Aldgate East - Tower Bridge 7 Minutes Tower Of London (Crown Jewels)

Aldgate East is East-Central London, which leads to Tottenham Court Road (Central London), West London, Elephant & Castle and Camberwell (South-East London), Stratford (East London) and Dalston, Stamford Hill and Seven Sisters (North London - Jewish Area).

Starting Point - ELEPHANT & CASTLE

Point A To B Journey Time Via Station/Place Nearby Station/Place
Elephant & Castle - Oval 7 Minutes Kennington
Elephant & Castle - Stockwell 12 Minutes Kennington - Oval
Elephant & Castle - Clapham North 15 Minutes Stockwell
Elephant & Castle - Clapham Common 18 Minutes Clapham North
Elephant & Castle - Clapham South 23 Minutes Clapham Common
Elephant & Castle - Balham 28 Minutes Clapham South
Elephant & Castle - Tooting Bec 33 Minutes Balham
Elephant & Castle - Camberwell 11 Minutes
Elephant & Castle - Westminster 8 Minutes British War Museum
Elephant & Castle - Tower Bridge 15 Minutes
Tower Bridge - Westminster Bridge 12 Minutes The River Embankment
Westminster Bridge - Trafalgar Sq. 5 Minutes Downing St. - Horse Guards Parade
Trafalgar Sq. - Buckingham Palace 5 Minutes The Mall - Horse Guards Parade
Buckingham Palace - Victoria 4 Minutes Bus, Train And Coach Stations
Victoria - Westminster Abbey 5 Minutes The Abbey - Big Ben - Parliament

Elephant & Castle is currently undergoing millions of pounds worth of regeneration, with the Elephant & Castle shopping centre being redesign in the coming years. At the moment, new housing is being built around the Elephant & Castle and Camberwell areas, so expect high rents to come. Walworth high street hasn't changed that much, but I am sure it will.

Starting Point - BANK

Point A To B Journey Time Via Station/Place Nearby Station/Place
Bank - Aldgate East 5 Minutes Borough Market
Bank - London Bridge 2 Minutes Borough Market
Bank - Borough 4 Minutes London Bridge
Bank - Elephant & Castle 8 Minutes London Bridge - Borough Borough Market

Bank is at the heart of London's financial and business hub (the City Of London). It links to Morgate, Liverpool Street, Barbican, Aldgate and Mansion House.

Starting Point - STAMFORD HILL

Point A To B Journey Time Via Station/Place Nearby Station/Place
Stamford Hill - Dalston Junction 10 Minutes
Stamford Hill - Shorditch 20 Minutes Dalston Junction
Stamford Hill - Lea Bridge 10 Minutes
Stamford Hill - Homerton Hospital 16 Minutes Lea Bridge
Stamford Hill - Stratford 36 Minutes Lea Bridge - Homerton Hospital - Hackney Marsh
Stamford Hill - Manor House 8 Minutes
Stamford Hill - Seven Sisters 3 Minutes
Stamford Hill - Tottenham Hale 8 Minutes Seven Sisters
Stamford Hill - Turn Pike Lane 20 Minutes Seven Sisters
Stamford Hill - Edmonton Green 23 Minutes Seven Sisters - Bruce Grove

Starting Point - MANOR HOUSE

Point A To B Journey Time Via Station/Place Nearby Station/Place
Manor House - Turn Pike Lane 8 Minutes
Manor House - Wood Green 12 Minutes Turn Pike Lane
Manor House - Finsbury Park 4 Minutes
Manor House - Holloway Road 12 Minutes Finsbury Park
Manor House - Angel 24 Minutes Finsbury Park - Holloway Road
Manor House - Kings Cross/St. Pancrais 31 Minutes Finsbury Park - Holloway Road - Angel
Manor House - Euston 33 Minutes As above + Kings Cross

Starting Point - EUSTON

Point A To B Journey Time Via Station/Place Nearby Station/Place
Euston - Holborn 6 Minutes
Euston - Camden 5 Minutes
Euston - Kentish Town 12 Minutes
Euston - Tufnell Park 16 Minutes
Euston - Archway 24 Minutes
Euston - Highgate 33 Minutes
Euston - Muswell Hill 38 Minutes
Muswell Hill - Turn Pike Lane 11 Minutes

Although London has many safe 'super-highway' cycle lanes, which are coloured blue and dotted around the busier and more dangerous parts of London, you still need to keeps your wits about you. Examples:

Stupid cyclists still jump red lights, stupid car drivers still swipe into cycle lanes when turning left, stupid cyclists still sandwich themselves between the pavement and a bus or lorry whereby they get crushed or ran off the road, pedestrians still cross (run across) the road dangerously, motor cyclists still speed and road users of all types still concentrating too hard on their mobile phones and not on the roads.